Requesting medical records at Mayo Clinic's Campus in Florida

A record of the care you receive at Mayo Clinic's campus in Florida is retained in Health Information Management Services. These records are kept in strict confidence and are not released without the written consent of the patient, except as required by law. Please call Mayo Clinic Health Information Management Services at 904-953-2022 to obtain a copy of your medical information.

The charge for hospital records is $1 per page. The maximum fee for receiving a copy of your medical records is $6.50. This fee is waived if information is disclosed for continuing care. Copies of your radiology exams also are available on CD or film. Contact your coordinating doctor's secretary for associated fees and release information.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Mayo Clinic has temporarily closed all in-person locations where patients typically pick up copies of their protected health information.

You may obtain your medical records by:

  • Phone: 904-953-2022
  • Fax: 904-953-2242
  • Email:
  • Patient Online Services: Submit a customer service request for release of information by following these steps:
    1. Select Share My Records from the menu
    2. Select Requested Records
    3. Click the link on "send us a customer service request."

You can view your protected health information through Patient Online Services.

See information from Mayo Clinic on COVID-19.

A portion of your medical records and other information is available online through Patient Online Services. Click on "Log in to Patient Account" in the upper right corner of this page for information on how to create or access your account.