A Mayo Clinic cancer education volunteer and visitor.

Health care information is central to a patient's cancer care plan at Mayo Clinic. Excellent research capabilities and patient care make Mayo Clinic a reliable, up-to-date source of cancer information for patients, their loved ones and the public.

Mayo provides patients information to assist them during their cancer journey. Patients are encouraged to use this information to become active participants in their cancer care and more fully discuss their treatment with health care team members.

Mayo Clinic is dedicated to providing information and resources to support patients during diagnosis, treatment and life after treatment. Knowledge empowers patients to become active partners in their health care.

Cancer Center Patient Navigators

The patient navigator assists patients and families with educational resource and referral needs. Navigators help patients find their way through the medical system and assist with Internet resources, books and periodicals, services, support groups, supplies, materials, and medical equipment. Navigators provide:

  • Assistance and resources for financial, lodging and transportation needs
  • Information and schedules for classes and support groups
  • Patient education materials on cancer topics

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Other resources for cancer information

Patients can find reliable, timely information from, the American Cancer Society and the National Cancer Institute.

Information about clinical trials can be accessed at Clinical Trials at Mayo Clinic and