Cancer education

At Mayo Clinic Cancer Center, education is central to everything we do. We educate the public, patients and health care professionals on all aspects of cancer.

Patients with cancer who come to Mayo Clinic Cancer Center benefit from the knowledge of Mayo Clinic's specialists and the clinic's integrated approach to treating each patient. This approach to medical care means that specialists from all areas of medicine and research share knowledge and work together for the benefit of the patient.

Along with excellent patient care and rigorous research programs, Mayo Clinic Cancer Center offers educational and support services.

Cancer Education Program

The Cancer Education Program (CEP) was established in 1995 to address the education needs of patients with cancer and caregivers. It links the research and patient care endeavors of Mayo Clinic Cancer Center to provide the best possible experience for each individual who comes through its doors.

The institutionally sanctioned and funded Cancer Education Program within the Cancer Center is unique at Mayo Clinic. The institutional support demonstrates Mayo Clinic's recognition of the Cancer Center's role in addressing all aspects of cancer care.

The mission of the Cancer Education Program is to educate all audiences on cancer-related issues, including prevention, risks, treatment, end-of-life care and survivorship. The Cancer Education Program offers educational programs, classes and support to patients with cancer, their caregivers, staff and the public at all three Mayo Clinic sites.

Cancer Education Program services in Arizona

Cancer Education Program services in Florida

Cancer Education Program services in Minnesota

Partnerships and affiliations

Mayo Clinic Cancer Center partners with others in the cancer community to address mutual cancer-related goals. The Cancer Education Program is proud to participate in these partnerships and affiliations to make a difference in cancer education and awareness for patients, caregivers, staff and the community.

Mayo Clinic health and medical information

Mayo Clinic provides reliable information to help people live a healthier life. Patients can access for high-quality health and medical information.

Education for health care professionals

Mayo Clinic College of Medicine is one of the largest medical education institutions in the world. We educate medical students, interns, residents, fellows, nurses and allied health staff. Educational programs and training opportunities are available to those pursuing careers in medicine, research and the health sciences.