Uninsured (self-pay) or underinsured patients

You may be considered underinsured if you have a:

  • High deductible
  • High out-of-pocket maximum requirement
  • Limited benefit plan(s)
  • Noncontracted insurance plan

Note on noncontracted insurance plans: When you have noncontracted insurance, many insurance companies do not agree to Mayo Clinic's rates; patients will have a greater out-of-pocket expense. Insurance rates can differ from Mayo Clinic's rates, and you will be responsible for the difference.

Uninsured discount

Mayo Clinic's Uninsured Discount Policy will supplement the Mayo Clinic Charitable Care and Financial Assistance Policy, which provides financial assistance.

All Mayo Clinic sites will offer discounted prices to qualified uninsured patients for medically necessary care.

Eligibility is contingent upon patient cooperation with efforts to apply for available Medicaid, Medicare or other Medical Assistance programs.

The uninsured discount will apply to medically necessary inpatient and outpatient services for patients residing in the United States. The discount will not be offered to international patients or for cosmetic or elective procedures that are not medically necessary.

Financial assistance

In order to apply for financial assistance, patients will be required to apply for their state medical assistance (Medicaid) plan.

Please know that the difference of these rates do not apply to your deductible or out-of-pocket maximum. Before your insurance pays, you will owe your co-insurance, copay and difference between the rates.


Minnesota Medical Assistance (Medicaid)

Arizona Medical Assistance (Medicaid)

Florida Medical Assistance (Medicaid)