Denial reason group 1

Your insurance company has denied your claim for the following reasons:

  • Not medically necessary
  • Multiple physician assistants
  • Service deemed experimental/investigational or not proven to be effective
  • Noncovered services or diagnosis code

Steps you should follow to appeal insurance denials:

  • Log on to your account at Mayo Clinic patient online Services.
    • Select the Medical Record and Results menu.
    • Print the required medical records pertaining to the denied charge.
    • Print the supporting doctor's notes prior to and after the procedure, indicating why the denied service was ordered and what the results were.
    • Make copies of all documentation for your records.
    • Complete and print the appeal form (PDF) and send via certified mail to your insurance company with the above supporting documentation and a copy of your explanation of benefits (EOB) listing the denied charge.
    • If denied as not medically necessary and your appeal resulted in a second denial, contact Patient account service for clarification.