Prepare for your visit — Billing and insurance matters

  • Make sure your insurance is contracted with Mayo Clinic. Click on the "Contracted insurance plans" link for a list of contracted plans. Contact your insurance company with questions.
  • If you have questions about possible out-of-pocket expenses, you may get an estimate online using Mayo Clinic's cost estimator tool or contact a financial counselor at one of the following numbers:
    • Arizona campus: 833-843-5315 (toll-free)
    • Florida campus: 877-956-1820 (toll-free)
    • Rochester, Minnesota campus: 833-479-5483 (toll-free)
  • Make sure Mayo Clinic is in-network for your plan. Mayo Clinic does see patients with out-of-network plans, but there may be a larger out-of-pocket expense. Contact your insurance company for your benefit coverage.
  • Talk to your doctor. Talk with your doctor about referring you to Mayo Clinic if a referral is required by your insurance company.
  • Obtain approval from your insurance company. Check with your insurance company for coverage and any pre-authorization requirements for the care you're seeking.
  • Your insurance may request a Mayo Clinic Tax ID Number to determine your benefits. Please use the Tax ID Number for the location where you're seeking care:
    • Arizona campus: 86-0800150
    • Florida campus: 59-3337028
    • Rochester, Minnesota, campus: 41-6011702
  • Contact a prior authorization counselor with questions at the following phone numbers:
    • Arizona campus: 480-342-5700
    • Florida campus: 904-956-2050
    • Rochester campus: 833-479-5484 (toll-free)
  • Make sure you have the financial means to cover your visit. For example, you may need to pay for unmet deductibles, copayments, unmet out-of-pocket expenses, self-pay deposits, transportation, meals and lodging. If you have questions about financial assistance, please review this information about financial assistance.

Your Mayo Clinic number

The first time you make an appointment at Mayo Clinic, you'll be assigned a Mayo Clinic number.

  • Your Mayo Clinic number is your personal identification number for all care.
  • It is unique, will not change for future visits and will also serve as your billing account number.

To set up your Mayo Clinic number, please have this information ready:

  • An active email address
  • Emergency contact information
  • Government-issued photo ID
  • Pharmacy card, if applicable
  • Insurance card(s) for the new patient or for new coverage
  • Name and birth date of the insurance subscriber
  • Written authorization from your HMO or PPO, if applicable

Once you've been issued a Mayo Clinic number and scheduled an appointment, you may be transferred to the registration department or be asked to complete registration via Mayo Clinic patient online services. Alternatively, you may be contacted over the phone to complete the registration or registration forms may be mailed to you for completion. In rare cases, a patient could be registered on the day of the appointment.

When your information changes

We ask that you notify registration staff of any demographic or insurance changes prior to services, which you can do using Mayo Clinic patient online services. Online services users may be sent a message to update their registration information via secure messaging. You may also call Mayo Clinic to update your demographic and insurance information at the following phone numbers:

  • Arizona campus: 855-275-1314 (toll-free)
  • Florida campus: 855-275-1311 (toll-free)
  • Rochester, Minnesota campus: 833-479-5483 (toll-free)

Per federal and state law requirements, Mayo Clinic also obtains the Mayo Clinic Authorizations and Service Terms signature form. Additionally, you may be asked to update a Patient Information and Mayo Clinic Authorizations and Service Terms form, even with a current signature on file.

Registration desks

If you do need to update information at the time of your visit, registration desks are located at all three campuses.

  • Arizona:
    • First floor of the Mayo Clinic Specialty Building in Phoenix
    • Concourse level of the Mayo Clinic Building in Scottsdale
    • Lobby of Mayo Clinic Hospital in Phoenix
  • Florida:
    • Lobbies of the Davis and Cannaday buildings
    • Lobby of Mayo Clinic Hospital
  • Minnesota:
    • Lobby level of the Gonda Building
    • Lobby of the Mayo Clinic Hospital, Saint Marys Campus, Mary Brigh Building
    • Lobby of the Mayo Clinic Hospital, Methodist Campus, Eisenberg Building

At the time of your appointment check-in, you may be asked to provide your insurance card(s) and government photo identification, if not previously provided.