Jessica McNallan, R.N., Pediatric ICU, Mayo Clinic: Nathan was a cancer patient and he was admitted to the hospital with a respiratory infection. His situation was uncommon in the fact that he'd had chemotherapy and his immune system was was very fragile.

Becky Herber, mother: He was taking six different chemotherapy drugs, so his bone marrow was completely shut off at that point. He had no chance whatsoever to fight off any infection or virus.

Jessica McNallan, R.N.: And then when he came to our side, to the ICU side, we're just really saw him decline. We were throwing every therapy at him, but he didn't improve. Therapy after therapy, intervention after intervention.

Becky Herber: They had done everything they possibly could to sustain his lungs and everything had failed and he was in respiratory constant respiratory failure. And that's when everybody moved in to help transfer him from the PICU and the ventilator to the ECMO unit to preserve his lungs.

Jessica McNallan, R.N.: We knew we had one chance to make this happen. But because I worked both oncology and ICU, I had the skill set. The people on either side of me had the skill set. In a heated moment like that when we make that decision, let's go. We can do it.

Becky Herber: She commanded the room and she knew his case so well. Her forward thinking made a vital difference for Nathan in that transition time.

Andy Herber, father: I've worked in medicine for 16 years. I have never seemed perfect nursing like that before and I am so thankful for it.

Jessica McNallan, R.N.: I was the right person, in the right place, at the right time. I'm glad I was there and able to help and to have the outcome that they had.

Becky Herber: Nathan looks like a normal, healthy six year old. He is physically able to do things any normal six year old would be able to do. I know there's a miracle in our midst and I can't not be in awe of it.

Sept. 14, 2021