Drug information provided by: IBM Micromedex

To prevent radiation contamination of other persons or environment:

  • Using a normal toilet instead of a urinal
  • Flushing toilet several times after each use
  • Completely cleaning up any spilled urine with a tissue and flushing it away
  • Washing hands thoroughly with soap after urinating or a bowel movement
  • Immediately laundering clothes and linens soiled with urine, feces or blood; washing them separately from other clothes

Avoid swallowing any solid substances that may be coughed up. Dispose of solid substances in sink or toilet. Flush several times if put in toilet or flush sink by washing hands thoroughly with soap after disposal.

Extra precaution in handling urine, feces, and substances coughed up by children to avoid additional exposure to the caregiver or to the child.

If you are breast-feeding your baby, talk to your doctor about how long you must formula feed your baby and how to dispose of the breast milk containing harmful substances.