Proper Use

Drug information provided by: IBM Micromedex

A nurse or other trained health professional will give you this medicine in a medical facility. It is given through a needle placed into one of your veins. The medicine must be given slowly, so the needle will have to stay in place for at least 30 minutes.

This medicine comes with a Medication Guide. Read and follow these instructions carefully. Ask your doctor if you have any questions.

Your doctor will give you other medicines (including allergy medicine, fever medicine, stomach or ulcer medicine) 30 to 90 minutes before each treatment to prevent unwanted effects, and for up to 24 hours after your infusion. An oral steroid medicine may be given to decrease nausea and vomiting.

Your doctor will give you a saline solution for at least 2 to 4 hours before and after each infusion to keep you hydrated. You should also drink up to 3 liters (eight to twelve 8-oz glasses) of liquids (including water, milk, or juice) per 24 hours on days 1 through 8 of each 28-day cycle.