Drug information provided by: Merative, Micromedex®

It is very important that your doctor check your progress at regular visits to make sure this medicine is working properly. Blood tests will be needed 6 months after starting treatment, then every 6 to 12 months after, to check for any unwanted effects. Urine tests may also be needed.

Symptoms of your MS may return and become worse after stopping treatment with this medicine. Do not stop using this medicine without checking first with your doctor.

Do not use this medicine together with dimethyl fumarate (Tecfidera®) or diroximel fumarate (Vumerity®). Using these medicines together may increase your risk for more serious side effects.

This medicine may cause serious allergic reactions, including anaphylaxis and angioedema. These can be life-threatening and require immediate medical attention. Tell your doctor right away if you have a rash, itching, hoarseness, trouble breathing, trouble swallowing, or large, hive-like swelling on the face, eyelids, lips, tongue, throat, hands, legs, feet, or genitals after using this medicine.

This medicine may increase your risk of developing a serious and rare brain infection called progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy (PML). Check with your doctor right away if you have vision changes, loss of coordination, clumsiness, memory loss, difficulty speaking or understanding what others say, or weak legs.

This medicine can temporarily lower the number of white blood cells in your blood, increasing the chance of getting an infection (including herpes). If you can, avoid people with infections. Check with your doctor immediately if you think you are getting an infection or if you get a fever, chills, cough, hoarseness, lower back or side pain, or painful or difficult urination.

Check with your doctor right away if you have pain or tenderness in the upper stomach, pale stools, dark urine, loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, or yellow eyes or skin. These could be symptoms of a serious liver problem.

This medicine may cause skin flushing. Tell your doctor right away if you have warmth, redness, itching, or a burning sensation in your face, neck, arms, or upper chest while using this medicine.

This medicine may cause serious stomach or bowel problems (eg, bleeding, blockage, perforation, or ulcers). Check with your doctor right away if you have black, tarry stools, constipation, diarrhea, fever, heartburn, indigestion, nausea, stomach pain, cramps, or burns, or vomiting of blood or material that looks like coffee grounds.