Drug information provided by: IBM Micromedex

It is very important that your doctor check your progress closely to make sure that this medicine is working properly and to decide if you should continue to receive it.

During a laryngeal (throat) HAE attack, you may have shortness of breath or troubled breathing. If you have a laryngeal HAE attack, inject this medicine and go to the nearest hospital or emergency clinic right away.

This medicine may cause severe tenderness and pain at the site of injection. Contact your doctor right away if you notice any of these side effects at the injection site: bleeding, blistering, burning, coldness, discoloration of the skin, feeling of pressure, hives, infection, inflammation, itching, lumps, numbness, pain, rash, redness, scarring, soreness, stinging, swelling, tenderness, tingling, ulceration, or warmth.

This medicine may make you dizzy, drowsy, or tired. Make sure you know how you react to this medicine before you drive, use machines, or do anything else that could be dangerous if you are dizzy or not alert.

Do not take other medicines unless they have been discussed with your doctor. This includes prescription or nonprescription (over-the-counter [OTC]) medicines and herbal or vitamin supplements.