Work Rehabilitation Center in Minnesota Overview

The Mayo Clinic Work Rehabilitation Center at the Minnesota campus cares for employees who have suffered traumatic or overuse injuries on or off the job. The goal of the program is to help you increase your physical tolerance so that you can return to work. The program is available to all employers in Rochester and the surrounding area.

The Mayo Clinic Work Rehabilitation Center provides both physical and occupational therapy to help ensure complete and timely recovery. Physical therapy emphasizes body performance and biomechanics. Occupational therapy focuses on interaction of the body with the environment. Participants typically require two to six weeks of therapy.

The program offers five main services that support work-injury prevention and employee rehabilitation:

  • Functional capacity evaluation relies on objective criteria to observe and identify an employee's performance levels.
  • Return-to-Work program conditions people to be able to work again using aerobic conditioning, endurance, strengthening exercises and job simulation tasks.
  • Functional job analysis involves therapists observing an employee performing job tasks at the work site.
  • Functional job description teaches employers how to write job descriptions that comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act.
  • Prevention services help employees learn to take responsibility for preventing work-related injury.

For more information about the Mayo Clinic Work Rehabilitation Center, call 507-284-4933.

March 13, 2024