What Sets Mayo Clinic Apart


For more than 100 years, people from all walks of life have found answers at Mayo Clinic. And I am honored to be a part of this institution. Mayo Clinic is a treasury of medical knowledge, where each day our outstanding staff delivers the highest-quality, highest-value care to our patients.

I'm often asked what sets Mayo Clinic apart. The answer is complex, involving our history, our teamwork and our long-standing commitment to excellence. But put simply, we feel our people — and their approach to patient care — distinguish Mayo Clinic.

I've been privileged to serve this organization since 1990, but before I worked here, one experience told me all I needed to know about Mayo's mission and its staff. As a young physician, I was asked to host a dinner for an internationally recognized Mayo neurologist who was coming to the university where I was working to accept a prestigious award. The physician missed the dinner appointment. He apologized later, saying he'd missed his flight because he was with a patient. I knew then that at Mayo the patient is always first, and I wanted to devote myself and my life's work to such an institution.

I believe all Mayo Clinic employees feel this way — and it shows. You'll find that our people take the time to listen and thoroughly understand your health issues and concerns. And we will tirelessly look for answers until we find them. We are committed to providing the best care for every patient every day. That is our mission and our pledge to you as we work together to discover, practice and teach the medicine of tomorrow.

  • John H. Noseworthy, M.D.