Slide show: Fetal presentation before birth
Illustration of baby in the feet-first position
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This baby is in a complete breech presentation — with both hips and both knees flexed. In an incomplete breech, one or both hips are not flexed and one or both feet or knees lie below the buttocks. In either presentation, you might feel kicking in your lower abdomen.

If your baby is in a complete or incomplete breech, at or near term your health care provider might try to rotate the baby by placing his or her hands on your abdomen and applying pressure (external cephalic version). Your baby's health will be evaluated before and after the procedure. If it is not safe for you to have a vaginal delivery, for example, due to the location of your placenta, your health care provider will not recommend an external cephalic version. The procedure is only done in a setting where a C-section is readily available if needed.

Aug. 26, 2017