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Programa de trasplantes de riñón

The Mayo Clinic Division of Nephrology and Hypertension is consistently and widely recognized for providing outstanding patient care. Its specialists are known for expertise in kidney transplantation, regenerative medicine, and treatment of polycystic kidney disease, complex glomerular disease and renal artery disease.

This tradition of expert nephrology care is rooted in more than 100 years of Mayo Clinic doctors being at the forefront of advances in nephrology and hypertension medicine. The first hemodialysis treatment was performed at Mayo Clinic in 1955. Today, Mayo Clinic performs more than 100,000 outpatient and home dialysis treatments each year. In the 1970s, Mayo was the first medical center in the United States to offer a multidisciplinary stone clinic.


Mayo Clinic en Rochester, Minn., está clasificada con el No. 1 para trastornos renales por U.S. News & World Report en su clasificación de los mejores hospitales. Mayo Clinic en Scottsdale, Ariz., está clasificada con muy buen desempeño para trastornos renales por U.S. News & World Report.

Renal care center of excellence

Mayo Clinic and Baxter are collaborating to develop a renal care center of excellence at the Mayo Clinic Dialysis Center at the clinic's campus in Jacksonville, Florida. They will codevelop products and services for people with kidney disease with the goal of improving patient outcomes.

Highly recognized dialysis center

The dialysis center on Mayo Clinic's campus in Florida has earned a five-star rating from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). Under the CMS system, a five-star rating shows a center is much above average compared with other dialysis facilities.

Transplant Center

Mayo Clinic nephrology experts are active in patient care in the Transplant Center. The Mayo Clinic Transplant Center is the largest integrated transplant provider in the United States. Mayo Clinic surgeons perform more than 600 kidney transplants a year, and the center is a leader in simultaneous kidney and pancreas transplants and living-donor kidney transplants.

Comprehensive cancer center

Mayo Clinic Cancer Center meets strict standards as a National Cancer Institute comprehensive cancer center, recognizing scientific excellence and a multispecialty approach focused on cancer prevention, diagnosis and treatment.

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Oct. 10, 2019