Doctors in the Women's Health Clinic help women through the various stages of life. They listen to your concerns, work together to address your needs and develop an appropriate treatment plan with you. Women's health services include menopause consultation, sexual health consultation and healthy lifestyle counseling.

Menopause consultation

For many women, the transition to menopause is a natural process. The transition may be more difficult if you have chronic medical problems or a history of cancer. Mayo Clinic doctors provide personalized care to women who have menopausal concerns or questions. During your visit you can expect:

  • Collaboration with your primary provider
  • Consultation with an internal medicine or gynecology doctor to evaluate menopause symptoms and medical history
  • Lab tests or other diagnostic tests as needed
  • Physical examination
  • Recommendations for hormone therapy or alternatives
  • Wellness and healthy aging counseling

Sexual health consultation

Women commonly have concerns related to sex. Questions about sexuality vary at different stages of life. Mayo Clinic doctors address the mind and body factors that contribute to your sexual well-being. During your visit you can expect:

  • Consultation with an internal medicine or gynecology doctor to evaluate sexual concerns and medical history
  • Consultation with a pelvic floor physical therapist, if needed
  • Evaluation by and education from a sex therapist
  • Lab or other diagnostic tests as appropriate
  • Personalized treatment recommendations
  • Physical examination
  • Sexual health and wellness counseling

Healthy lifestyle counseling

Your consultation with a registered dietitian includes evaluation of your nutritional needs and lifestyle issues that affect healthy nutrition. Your dietitian works with you to develop personal strategies to improve your health and wellness.