Mayo Clinic Volunteer Services

Mayo Clinic Volunteer Services provides patients and visitors with hospitality, services and amenities through dedicated volunteers who give time and talent to honor Mayo's commitment that the needs of the patient come first.

Officers for 2015

  1. President: Carol J. Daugherty
  2. Co-presidents-elect: Craig Pross and Eileen Pross

Volunteer opportunities

To become a Mayo Clinic Volunteer Services volunteer, please contact:

Susan C. Pronk
Volunteer Coordinator
Phone: 507-284-5520

A visit to Mayo Clinic can be overwhelming for many patients and their families. Not only are they often coping with a serious illness, but they are sometimes seeking care in unfamiliar territory from caregivers they may not know.

Mayo Clinic volunteers reassure anxious visitors, provide assistance in expansive surroundings, and offer comfort and amenities during waiting times. They seek to augment the efforts of a caring but busy professional staff to ensure individual attention to the personal needs of Mayo patients.

Volunteer assignments may involve direct interaction with patients and family members, or may be behind-the-scenes efforts. Volunteer opportunities available through Mayo Clinic Volunteer Services include: