Cardiovascular Obstetrics Clinic in Minnesota Overview

Pregnancy puts stress on the heart and blood vessels (cardiovascular system). Pregnant women may have cardiac complications, even if they've never had heart problems before.

At the Cardiovascular Obstetrics Clinic at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, women with cardiac concerns related to pregnancy are cared for by a multispecialty team of experts. The pregnancy heart team includes experts in pregnancy care (obstetricians specializing in high-risk maternal and fetal medicine), heart disease (cardiologists), high blood pressure (nephrologists), perioperative care (anesthesiologists), cardiac surgery and other specialties as needed. In addition, your care team includes nurse practitioners and nurses with experience in caring for pregnant women with heart disease.


The team at the Cardiovascular Obstetrics Clinic aims to provide round-the-clock care to women with concerns about heart complications of pregnancy. This includes preconception counseling and care during pregnancy, at the time of delivery and after pregnancy.

Your visit is coordinated so that you'll likely see a heart doctor (cardiologist) and pregnancy doctor (obstetrician) on the same day. Or you might benefit from a virtual appointment first.

Conditions diagnosed and treated in the Cardiovascular Obstetrics Clinic include:

Mayo Clinic offers comprehensive evaluation with a broad array of diagnostic tests available in a timely fashion. Your pregnancy heart team will talk with you about the testing options most appropriate for you.

Your individualized, comprehensive care plan may involve the following services:


The experts in the Cardiovascular Obstetric Clinic conduct research to establish new best practices for the treatment of pregnant women with cardiovascular disease. This includes analysis of prior experience, ongoing assessment of patients, learning with artificial intelligence, and developing new technologies that allow for better monitoring of maternal and fetal health. Ask your health care provider if you might be eligible to participate in a clinical study.


You may be referred by your primary provider, or you may make an appointment without a referral.

For appointments or more information about the Cardiovascular Obstetrics Clinic at Mayo Clinic's campus in Rochester, Minnesota, call Cardiovascular Diseases at 507-284-9059 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Central time, Monday through Friday, or complete an online appointment request form.

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