Treatments and drugs

By Mayo Clinic Staff

If your daughter has triple X syndrome, treatment is based on her symptoms, if any are present. For instance, if she has a learning disability from the triple X, she would require the same counseling as anyone else with that learning disability. This counseling usually involves teaching new techniques and strategies for learning, as well as providing motivation and help with using these tips in daily life.

If your daughter has been diagnosed with triple X syndrome, her doctor may recommend periodic screenings throughout childhood. This would help ensure that any developmental delays or learning disabilities that may occur receive prompt treatment.

Because girls with triple X syndrome may be more susceptible to stress, it's important to make sure your daughter has a supportive environment as well. Psychological counseling may help, both by teaching you and your family useful methods of demonstrating love and encouragement, and by discouraging behaviors that you might not realize are negative.

The chromosome change that causes triple X syndrome cannot be repaired, so the syndrome itself has no cure. However, given the treatable nature of most symptoms and how frequently no symptoms appear at all, it's quite possible to lead a full and normal life with this syndrome.

Nov. 08, 2012