William Bilicic knows hospital life — doctors' orders, family visits, the food, the routines. He's seen it all.

At 20 years old, he has spent more time in hospitals than his average peer. William estimates he's had about 40 surgical procedures in addition to his routine visits. But rather than try to hide that part of himself, he's made a commitment to share it.

William is the proud creator of a website called Spot-Aid that offers his advice and insider tips to people who need to make hospital visits. The website and William's tips are intended to make any hospital stay, for any patient, just a little easier. To those who know him best, William's website is characteristic of the young man. He is inquisitive and driven by an intense desire to help the people around him.

"He's a thoughtful, reflective, respectful young man who asks great questions. When he came up with Spot-Aid, it seemed like a natural outgrowth of who he is," says Christopher Moir, M.D., who was William's pediatric surgeon and remains a close friend and adviser.

William was born with Hirschsprung's disease, a condition of the large intestine that requires a surgery to bypass or remove part of the colon. Though William had a procedure to correct the condition at just 1 day old, when William was age 5, Dr. Moir determined that the surgery required a revision. The two began to forge a plan for William's long-term health.