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Arizona patient stories

Life-Threatening Infection Leads to Lifesaving Heart Surgery

Alex Zabaski became seriously ill when an infection destroyed one of his heart valves. But emergency heart surgery at Mayo Clinic eliminated the danger and restored Alex's heart health. In March 2017, Alex Zabaski of Phoenix welcomed the chance to see friends in Chicago -- a city he'd never visited before. During his stay, the [...]

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Florida patient stories

Sports Medicine Propels Ray Yeary to New Heights

When it comes to outdoor pursuits, Ray Yeary is more than a weekend warrior. A lifelong backpacker and adventure sports enthusiast, Ray has been able to take on increasingly more strenuous activities thanks to the comprehensive care he's received at Mayo's Sports Medicine Clinic. Hiking and being outdoors are passions for Ray Yeary. He loves [...]

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Minnesota patient stories

A Lifetime of Gratitude for Lifesaving Cancer Care

Thirty years ago, Brad Morris' life came to a grinding halt when a rare, life-threatening tumor was found in his chest. Hoping for the best possible outcome, Brad sought care at Mayo Clinic, where he found expert oncology and surgical teams that gave him a chance at survival. In 1988, Brad Morris was a 25-year-old, [...]

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Cancer patient stories

Close to Her Heart: Rare Tumor Leads to the Right Team at Mayo Clinic

When Alice Alimurung was diagnosed with a rare and life-threatening tumor, she embarked on a hunt for a surgeon with enough expertise to remove the mass. The search led Alice from the Philippines to Minnesota and Mayo Clinic, where she found an experienced surgical team that saved her life. For more than 15 years, Alice [...]

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Cardiovascular patient stories

Comprehensive Care Makes for a Brighter Future

When Stephanie Van Doren came to Mayo Clinic, she never expected to learn she had a genetic defect that raised her risk for a potentially fatal heart condition. But thanks to her physician's all-inclusive approach, Stephanie and her family now have information they need to live life to the fullest. Abdominal issues and difficulty swallowing [...]

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Transplant patient stories

New Liver, New Outlook

When Brian Gurule learned that a rare disease was the reason for his liver failure, he realized it was a race against time to find a medical center where he could get a transplant. At Mayo Clinic, he received the care he needed to give him a fighting chance. In 2016, Brian Gurule was told [...]

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Neurosciences patient stories

Looking to Crack the Code on Cavernous Malformations

Kandie Nelson didn't know she had a medical problem until the moment she wasn't able to speak clearly. Now Kandie and her family are helping researchers learn more about the abnormally formed blood vessels that triggered her symptoms. Blood vessels in Kandie Nelson's brain had become abnormally tangled and twisted around themselves. But for years, [...]

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Pediatric patient stories

Heart Surgery Re-energizes Gymnast

When she was diagnosed with a rare heart condition known as Ebstein anomaly, Dannika Mechtel came to Mayo Clinic for care. Surgery not only repaired her heart, it restored her vitality, so she can keep competing in the sport she loves. Those closest to her were the first to spot a change in Dannika Mechtel. [...]

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