Features and Stories

  1. A Homerun for Megan

    Megan Brooks received treatment for cervical cancer through Mayo Clinic Health System in both Rochester, Minnesota and Eau Claire, Wisconsin.

  2. Emoji Prove Effective for Monitoring Cancer Patients' Health

    Carrie A. Thompson, M.D., a hematologist at Mayo Clinic, leads a study that uses emoji to break down the barriers of communication, health literacy and language to help cancer patients measure their well-being.

  3. Many Choices, Many Opportunities

    Mayo Clinic Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences offers a Career Development Internship to help Ph.D. students explore professional opportunities.

  4. Nancy's Promise to Smile

    A nonsurgical removal procedure performed by Mayo Clinic vascular and interventional radiologist David A. Woodrum, M.D., Ph.D., successfully removed a tumor on Nancy Carroll's jaw.

  5. A Strong Foundation

    Michael Powell sits on the Mayo Clinic Board of Trustees to honor the U.S. Army care team who treated him after injuries sustained in 1987.

  6. A Mother's Milestones

    Stacy Erholtz's multiple myeloma went into remission after she participated in a clinical trial at Mayo Clinic using the measles virus to fight her cancer.

  7. Never Give Up

    A visit to Mayo Clinic for her battle with an eating disorder gave Victoria Magnus tools for recovery and the courage to share her story with others.

  8. Continued Care

    Mark Deyo-Svendsen, M.D., and his wife Beverly inspire hope through charitable giving and volunteerism.

  9. On Common Ground

    Mayo Clinic's unparalleled dedication to research and its patients inspired Nancy and Duane Baumann to generously support the Center for Regenerative Medicine.

  10. Peaceful Pregnancy

    Mayo Clinic's OB Nest program allowed Sian Hales a less stressful prenatal experience by reducing the number of clinic visits and allowing Sian to monitor her pregnancy at home.