Mayo Clinic Model of Care

Major shifts in health care are challenging physicians and care teams to increase the number of patients they see — and spend less time with each — to cover costs. But this is not the Mayo Clinic way.

We will never compromise the time it takes to deliver the highest quality of care to each patient.

Our Vision

For more than 150 years, patients have used the word "finally" when they talk about Mayo Clinic. Finally, they received answers that eluded them. Finally, they found hope. And finally, they received exactly the care they needed.

The Mayo Clinic Model of Care is the reason. And today's challenges provide us with an unprecedented opportunity to ensure the Mayo Clinic Model of Care always thrives:

  • Focusing a team of experts on one patient at a time.
  • Living our values of collaboration, compassion and innovation.
  • Physicians working in collaboration to treat and care for patients in an unhurried manner.
  • Educating the medical workforce of the future.
  • Translating knowledge to clinical practice.
  • Delivering patient care with respect, quality and excellence.

We must work with benefactors and grateful patients to protect time for care teams and innovation in every medical specialty at Mayo Clinic.

The Solution

Endowment is the key to ensuring that the Mayo Clinic Model of Care always thrives. With endowment gifts, we will:

  • Establish endowed, physician-led care teams. These teams help streamline each patient's experience and help bring together — as rapidly as possible — all the resources necessary to solve the most challenging health concerns.
  • Fund practice innovation projects and research to optimize the delivery of our comprehensive, team-centered care.

Endowment support is essential because it creates a permanent source of funding for these activities. In choosing to support Mayo Clinic in this fashion, you are making a powerful gift to patient care excellence that will deliver hope and healing to present and future generations. This forever protects the Mayo Clinic Model of Care during a time where health care is undergoing transformation like never before.

Gifts for the Mayo Clinic Model of Care protect our most precious assets — the time and teamwork we devote to every patient. By partnering with us at this critical juncture, benefactors will help present and future generations find answers to their health concerns. Give today.