Individualized Medicine

Health care professionals know that many diseases are often difficult to identify and even more challenging to treat. In spite of efforts to better understand diseases and more effectively treat them, many continue to be poorly understood, progressive and incurable.

By understanding an individual's unique genetic code, Mayo Clinic will find their diagnosis sooner and provide them with safer, customized therapies. To deliver on this promise, Mayo physicians and scientists rally together to investigate relationships between an individual's disease, their immune system, the best individualized care plan and, ultimately, a cure.

Our Vision

Given the complexity of many diseases and their genomic underpinnings, we believe our multidisciplinary teams of physicians and scientists are well-poised for research discovery and translation to clinical practice.

Personalized treatments can greatly advance the quality of life for patients with complex conditions. Through large-scale clinical trials across medical specialties, the Center for Individualized Medicine continues to make breakthroughs in transforming how patients are treated in the health care system at large. For example, through collaborative genomic research, Mayo experts developed a powerful vaccine to treat patients with the aggressive triple-negative form of breast cancer. This was only made possible through initial funding from visionary benefactors who were committed to pursuing promising ideas.

The Solution

The Center for Individualized Medicine practices patient-inspired medicine. We find answers for people with little or no hope, prevent adverse drug reactions by tapping into rich genomic profiles, and develop new ways to identify and treat people with genomic alterations.

Despite undergoing extensive medical evaluations, millions of people are left without a definitive diagnosis of the disease affecting them. At Mayo Clinic, we use genomic sequencing to end their diagnostic odyssey. By expanding our rare and undiagnosed disease programs, we can provide answers to more patients and families who depend on Mayo for their care. It is much easier now to undergo genetic testing and our analyses are getting more precise by the day.

Mayo Clinic is the leader in the way we catalogue, store and study biological specimens. We oversee the All of Us Research Program, a national biobank that broadly reflects the diversity of the U.S. population and will track health and clinical outcomes over a long period of time.

With a deep bench of medical expertise, the Mayo Clinic Center for Individualized Medicine continues to shorten the distance between hope and healing.

Now more than ever, philanthropy is making a fundamental difference in the way we shape our individualized approach to clinical care. You are contributing to a body of knowledge that has implications far beyond treating disease — it's revitalizing hope for people around the world. Give today.