Experiencias en Mayo Clinic e historias de nuestros pacientes

  1. Life After Colorectal Cancer: Music, Comfort and Ostomies

    Sam and Nancy Anderson In 2016, life became painful and chaotic for Sam Anderson when he was diagnosed with colorectal cancer and then suffered a medical error during treatment. After that, Sam and his wife took matters into their own hands. At Mayo Clinic, the pair discovered a team of physicians that calmed their worries [...]

  2. Innovative Imaging Charts Course to Successful Cancer Treatment

    When Bruce McVety's prostate cancer returned after a seven-year remission, his doctor suggested he go to Mayo Clinic to receive a test that wasn't available locally. Bruce listened. Today, after comprehensive treatment, the cancer is undetectable, and Bruce is grateful for his renewed health. As a pastor and retired police officer, Bruce McVety is no [...]

  3. Cancer Worries Behind Him, Mountain Biker is Back to Tackling Trails

    A mountain bike accident triggered a chain of events that led Joel Pankow to seek treatment at Mayo Clinic for a kidney tumor he believed to be cancer. To his great relief, Joel?s care team found he didn't have cancer after all. Here Joel shares his Mayo Clinic experience in his own words. Written by [...]

Nov. 27, 2019
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