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Hepatologists specialize in the study of the liver. The Hepatobiliary Clinic uses a team approach to provide each patient with a thorough, timely cost-effective evaluation of his or her liver disorder and deliver specific care based on his or her needs:

  • A Mayo Clinic hepatologist will diagnose, treat and care for people who have disorders, including malignancy of their liver, gallbladder or bile ducts.
  • In addition to the hepatologist, the care team will include a desk clinical assistant, secretary and nurse. Many patients are seen by an advanced practice provider (nurse practitioner or physician assistant) or a fellow but always in conjunction with a hepatologist.
  • The team may also include a doctor specialized in imaging the liver (radiologist), a doctor specialized in the treatment of liver cancer (oncologist), a doctor specialized in evaluating biopsy specimens (pathologist) or a doctor specialized in surgery of the liver and bile ducts (hepatobiliary surgeon).

Common disorders seen by the Hepatobiliary Clinic


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