Experiencias en Mayo Clinic e historias de nuestros pacientes

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    A newborn's twist leads to emergency surgery

    Caring for a newborn is full of twists and turns. Feelings of joy and contentment one moment can turn to fear and worry the next. That's how Nicole and Corbin Burkard of Eau Claire, Wisconsin, felt after their third daughter, Ellie, was born in February. "She was just perfect and looked like her older sister," says Nicole. "She just fit right in." The new family of five was settling into a routine at home when Nicole…

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    Living in the moment: Susan Parrott

    As someone affected by chronic liver disease, Susan Parrott knows how it feels to live in uncertainty. But every few months, the anxiety and doubt that shadow her life fade when Mayo Clinic Laboratories test results confirm her condition is in check and she can continue living life on her own terms. Every three months, Susan Parrott, who has liver cirrhosis, breathes a sigh of relief. Gone is the weight associated with having a diseased…

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    More adventures thanks to advanced cancer care, robotic surgery

    Stacy Weisensel and her husband Joshua had a goal: to take their daughters to as many national parks as possible. But in the summer of 2021, while trying to enjoy the breathtaking views of Yellowstone National Park with her family, Stacy was distracted by a nagging pain in her esophagus. Over the next few months, Stacy’s symptoms grew worse and ultimately led to a frightening diagnosis — stomach cancer. A life-changing diagnosis In July 2021,…

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    Not Just a Hernia: Digging Deeper

    The motto for the City of Barron, Wisconsin, is: "Be kind. Be strong. Be together. Be Barron." Nathan Emmons has embraced this motto in all that he does. Over the span of 44 years, he has focused on bringing people together and caring for the community. He is a 17-year veteran of the Barron Police Department and founded the city's K9 program. Before that, he was a pastor for 27 years, counseling families during times…

July 13, 2023