Recursos para profesionales en Medicina

The current environment presents many challenges. Mayo Clinic's highest priority is patient and staff safety. We are taking every precaution to manage patient safety to the highest standard through universal masking, enhanced safety protocols, robust screening and COVID-19 testing strategies. Mayo Clinic will continuously evaluate the circumstances at each of our sites and follow federal and state mandates.


Find resources for providers and answers to questions on referrals and testing for COVID-19 on the Medical Professionals Resource Center.

Los médicos de Mayo Clinic están comprometidos a colaborar con los médicos remitentes. Las consultas telefónicas y remisiones se pueden organizar; para ello, ponte en contacto con el Servicio de Remisiones Médicas. La oficina está disponible las 24 horas, todos los días.

Para remitir a un paciente:

Phoenix y Scottsdale, Arizona

Teléfono: 866-629-6362 (sin costo)

Fax: 480-301-4071

Para los que no se encuentren en EE. UU.: 480-301-6539 (teléfono) o 480-301-4071 (fax)

Jacksonville, Florida

Teléfono: 800-634-1417 (sin costo)

Fax: 904-953-0575

Fuera de EE. UU.: 904-953-7000 (teléfono) o 904-953-7329 (fax)

Rochester, Minnesota

Teléfono: 800-533-1564 (llamada sin costo)

Fax: 800-321-1368

Fuera de EE. UU.: 507-538-1515 (teléfono) o 507-538-7802 (fax)


Continuous professional development

Mayo Clinic offers continuous professional development courses in a learner-centered interactive format. Mayo Clinic courses are delivered by faculty who are renowned in their field and passionate about education. Participation in Mayo Clinic continuous professional development courses offers timely evidence-based practices that can be implemented immediately.

Medical training

June 11, 2020