Infographic: 8 Things About Sarcoma

8 Things Everyone Should Know About Sarcoma

Sarcomas are cancers of the bone and connective tissue.

  1. It's rare.

    Only 1% of adult cancers in the U.S. are sarcoma. Due to its rarity, many physicians have limited experience with treating sarcoma.

    Breast cancer 268k/year

    Lung cancer 234k/year

    Prostate cancer 164k/year

    Sarcoma 16k/year

  2. It's more common in children.

    While only 1% of adult cancers are sarcoma, at least 10% of childhood cancers are sarcoma.

  3. It's found in soft tissue or bone.

    Soft tissue sarcomas occur in tissues such as muscles, fat, blood vessels, tendons, and fibrous tissues. Osteosarcomas, Ewing's sarcoma, and chondrosarcoma occur within bone.

    Sarcoma is more commonly found in certain areas of the body:

    15% Head/neck

    15% Arms/hands

    30% Torso/shoulders

    40% Legs/feet

  4. There are over 50 types.

    The variations are often named for the tissue type in which they form. Treatment options will vary depending on type, so an individualized treatment plan is crucial.



    Epithelioid sarcoma

    Ewing's sarcoma


    Kaposi sarcoma





    Synovial sarcoma

  5. It's often misdiagnosed.

    Due to the rarity, numerous variations and occurrence in multiple locations, sarcomas can be difficult to detect and complex to treat. Patients should seek a sarcoma center of excellence.

  6. There are warning signs.

    Any lump or bump:

    • Enlarging over time
    • Involving deep tissue
    • Presenting with or without pain

    Unexplained pain or tenderness:

    • Occurring at night
    • Persisting when resting
  7. It's treatable.

    Treatment depends on size, type and location of tumor. The most common treatments are:


    Radiation therapy


    Targeted drug therapy

  8. It's survivable.

    The 5-year relative survival rate is 65%.

    Patients tend to have better outcomes when treated at a sarcoma center of excellence.