Frequently Asked Questions

By Mayo Clinic Staff

What is the fee for the Medallion program?
The individual program membership fee is $6,000 per year and the membership fee for a couple is $10,000 per year. This is in addition to charges for specific medical services. Adult children ages 18 to 29 may be added for an additional fee.

How will Mayo Clinic provide more immediate access?
Each doctor will accept no more than 300 patients to ensure that he or she has time for personalized care to you. This is significantly fewer than a usual doctor's practice.

How can I enroll in the Medallion Program?
Members will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. When each doctor reaches a total of 300 patients, a waiting list will be started. You will be informed when there is an opening. To be accepted in the program, you need to sign a membership agreement and pay your annual fee.

Will Mayo Clinic bill my fee on a monthly or quarterly basis?
No. The fee must be paid on an annual basis at the time your membership agreement is signed.

Will Mayo Clinic accept Medicare reimbursement?
Yes, the Medallion program accepts Medicare patients. However, our program does not accept Medicare payment as payment in full. You will be charged 15 percent more than the amount Medicare pays — which means you'll have to pay 15 percent out of your pocket. The Medallion program does not accept Medicare Advantage plans.

Will Mayo Clinic be participating in other insurance programs and health plans?
Yes. A list of participating insurance plans and health plans is available upon request. The Medallion program does not accept Medicare Advantage plans. The membership fee is in addition to charges for specific medical services.

When is the fee due?
The initial fee is due with your membership agreement. It is an annual fee and will be billed to you on the anniversary of your membership.

What are the credentials of these doctors?
All five doctors are staff members in the Department of Medicine at Mayo Clinic in Arizona and were selected due to their excellent reputations and commitment to service.

Will my insurance or health plan pay for the membership fee?
No. Membership fees are your responsibility. If you have a health care reimbursement account, it is possible the fee could be reimbursed by that account, but you should check with the advisor who manages it.

What about the fees for tests, specialists, and hospital fees?
Those charges will be billed to your insurance, either private or Medicare, and will be reimbursed according to your benefits. You will be responsible for any fees your insurance determines to be the patient's responsibility.

Is the annual membership fee tax deductible?
You should check with your tax advisor for tax advice.

Will my doctor be available to me while I am traveling or out of town on an extended basis, including my homes in other locations?
Yes. Your doctor will be available to you by phone, email or fax, no matter where you are. When your doctor is not available due to personal travel, another doctor from the Medallion Program will be available to you. Your doctor will let you know if he or she will be unavailable due to personal travel and what the return date is.

Do I have to pay the membership fee even if I do not use my doctor's services during that year?
Yes. The annual membership fee covers the cost of access to your doctor even if you do not use your doctor's services.