Volumes and outcomes


Mayo Clinic doctors' experience and integrated team approach result in transplant outcomes that compare favorably with national averages. Teams work with transplant recipients before, during and after surgery to ensure the greatest likelihood of superior results.

Volumes and statistics are maintained separately for the three Mayo Clinic locations. Taken together or separately, transplant patients at Mayo Clinic enjoy excellent results.



A total of 457 kidney transplants were performed at Mayo Clinic in Arizona in 2020, including 90 living donor transplants. More than 4,600 kidney transplants have been performed since the program began in 1999.


A total of 208 kidney transplants were performed at Mayo Clinic in Florida in 2020, including 47 living donor transplants. Mayo Clinic in Florida has performed nearly 2,450 kidney transplants in adults since the program began in April 2000. Transplants are done at Mayo Clinic hospital.


Surgeons at Mayo Clinic in Minnesota have completed more than 6,500 kidney transplants since 1963. Since 2006, almost 340 kidney transplants have been performed by kidney paired donation.

Mayo Clinic in Minnesota surgeons have performed more than 4,200 living donor kidney transplants since 1963 and more than 2,000 deceased donor kidney transplants since 1967.


Each of the links below connects to an external site, the Scientific Registry of Transplant Recipients, which provides many metrics gathered from transplant programs across the United States.

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May 01, 2021