HIV Clinic Overview

The HIV Clinic, available at Mayo Clinic's campuses in Arizona, Florida and Minnesota, provides specialized treatment for people who have been exposed to or diagnosed with HIV/AIDS.

At this clinic, you receive high-quality, compassionate care from a multidisciplinary team of physicians, scientists and allied health professionals who are committed to helping you.

Your care team may include a doctor who specializes in infectious diseases who works with:

  • An AIDS-certified nurse coordinator, who helps care for you and arranges referrals and appointments to other specialty areas
  • A case manager, who helps you overcome barriers to appropriate medical and psychosocial services
  • A medical social worker with extensive experience working with people who are infected with HIV
  • A pharmacist, who talks with you about medications and treatment programs
  • A dietitian, who talks with you about nutrition

Other Mayo Clinic specialists with interest and expertise in HIV are available for consultation. Mayo physicians are active in HIV research:

The HIV clinics also coordinate access to HIV clinical trials, the outpatient intravenous treatment center, the Barbara Woodward Lips Patient Education Center and Mayo hospice.



  • Mayo Clinic HIV Clinic
  • 5881 E. Mayo Blvd.
    Phoenix, AZ 85054
  • Phone: 480-342-0115


  • Mayo Clinic HIV Clinic
  • 4500 San Pablo Road
    Jacksonville, FL 32224
  • Phone: 904-953-0853


  • Mayo Clinic HIV Clinic
  • East 6A, Mayo Building
    200 First St. SW
    Rochester, MN 55905
  • Phone: 507-255-7763