Coronary Artery Disease Clinic in Minnesota Overview

The experienced staff in the Coronary Artery Disease Clinic diagnoses your condition, offers rapid access to cardiac catheterization and provides consultation with other specialists when needed. You also have the option of continued care with an interventional cardiologist or other cardiologist.

Doctors trained in heart disease (cardiologists) in the Coronary Artery Disease Clinic at Mayo Clinic's campus in Minnesota have extensive experience and expertise in diagnosing and treating the most challenging forms of coronary artery disease and other heart conditions. Specialists trained in surgical, interventional and noninvasive cardiology collaborate to provide you with the most appropriate care for your condition.

The staff in the Coronary Artery Disease Clinic has experience diagnosing and treating high-risk and complex forms of coronary artery disease, chest pain (intractable angina), and heart valve disease.

Cardiologists work together with a multidisciplinary team of doctors in other medical specialties to diagnose and treat people with conditions such as carotid artery disease or peripheral artery disease who may need catheter-based forms of therapy.

If your doctor determines that a catheter-based procedure isn't possible or appropriate for your condition, you may be referred to a cardiovascular surgeon or other specialist.


The Coronary Artery Disease Clinic integrates cardiac catheterization procedures into a clinical setting. In the Coronary Artery Disease Clinic, you may consult with doctors and be treated in Mayo's Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory soon after your consultation.

You may have treatment in the catheterization laboratory the same day, rather than setting an appointment for a later date, but this isn't always possible. Procedures are also performed on Saturdays.

After treatment, you may choose to continue your care with a Mayo Clinic interventional cardiologist or other cardiologist, or you may return to your own doctor.


You may be referred to the Coronary Artery Disease Clinic at Mayo Clinic's campus in Minnesota by your primary doctor.