Cancer survivorship clinics help cancer survivors live well after cancer treatment. A cancer survivorship clinic may help you manage physical and emotional changes you may experience after your cancer treatment.

Mayo Clinic's services are designed to help you cope with post-treatment issues and adjust to your new life.

Depending on your needs, your initial visit to a cancer survivorship clinic may include:

  • Reviewing your cancer diagnosis and treatment.
  • Helping you understand your cancer diagnosis and treatments, as well as the long-term complications you may face.
  • Conducting exams to assess your physical and emotional needs.
  • Identifying and creating management strategies to help you cope with physical, emotional and social effects of your cancer and your cancer treatment.
  • Assessing your risk of cancer recurrence or other types of cancers, based on the latest surveillance guidelines, and, if needed, providing referrals to cancer screening services and follow-up care.
  • Recommending ways to improve your health through nutrition, exercise, weight management and quitting smoking.
  • Creating a personalized follow-up care program for you and your doctors.
  • Consulting with the doctors who diagnosed and treated your cancer, as needed.
  • Providing referrals for experts, such as dietitians, physical therapists and integrative medicine specialists.

Survivorship clinics by cancer type

Note not all services are available at all sites.

Breast cancer survivorship clinic. Available in Arizona, Florida and Minnesota.

The breast cancer survivors clinic helps breast cancer survivors shift from disease-focused treatment to wellness-focused care.

Hematology/oncology cancer survivorship clinic. Available in Florida.

This clinic helps survivors of a variety of cancers (such as leukemia, lymphoma, gastrointestinal cancers and others) shift from illness-oriented treatment to wellness-focused care.

Radiation oncology survivorship clinic. Available in Florida.

This clinic helps patients who have received radiation for cancer (for example, head and neck cancer, prostate cancer, and lung cancer) manage the side effects from radiation.

Lymphoma survivorship clinic. Available in Minnesota.

This clinic is for people who are in remission from lymphoma. Lymphoma survivors are generally seen immediately following active cancer therapy but can be evaluated at any time after treatment is completed. The lymphoma survivorship clinic works with your hematologist and primary care provider to provide coordinated care.

Why choose Mayo Clinic:

Teamwork. Your cancer survivorship team works closely with your doctor and includes a variety of experts, such as:

Personalized care. Mayo Clinic cancer survivorship professionals create a personalized care plan for you based on your needs. The result is exactly the care you need, when you need it.

Comprehensive cancer center. Mayo Clinic Comprehensive Cancer Center meets strict standards for a National Cancer Institute comprehensive cancer center. The designation recognizes scientific excellence and a multidisciplinary approach to cancer prevention, diagnosis and treatment.