Susannah J. Tye, Ph.D.


  1. Rochester, Minnesota


  • Neurobiology of antidepressants treatment resistance
  • Antidepressant response biomarkers
  • Antidepressant regulation of the physiological and psychological response to stress
  • Deep Brain Stimulation for treatment resistant depression
  • Development of preclinical models of treatment resistant depression and bipolar disorder
  • Mental Health Awareness and Mental Health First Aid
  1. 2011
    FellowIllinois State University
  2. 2009
    Post-doctoral Fellowship - Academic Instructor in NeurosurgeryMayo Clinic
  3. 2008
    PhD - NeuroscienceMacquarie University
  4. 2003
    Post-Baccalaureate StudiesMacquarie University
  5. 2001
    Bachelor - Psychology, Physiology and GeneticsMacquarie University


Research Activities

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