Questions and answers about COVID-19 for Mayo Clinic patients

By Mayo Clinic Staff

June 3, 2021

Should I be concerned if Mayo is treating patients with COVID-19?

Patients who test positive for COVID-19 are isolated and treated with the highest standard of care. Extraordinary precautions are taken to ensure that Mayo Clinic remains safe for patients.

What is Mayo Clinic doing to ensure patient safety?

Mayo Clinic takes patient and staff safety seriously. We have detailed and thorough plans for patient care and protecting staff. Mayo Clinic staffs at all locations have been trained and are prepared to care for patients with serious infections such as COVID-19.

Learn more about the safety measures in place for your appointments.

What do I need to know before coming for an appointment at Mayo Clinic?

Please review Mayo Clinic’s current appointment and visitor restrictions for answers to questions about existing appointments. Please also review location-specific policies and visitor restrictions for the campus you’ll be visiting.
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For general COVID-19 information and updates, please visit Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the definitive source of prevention and procedure information for infectious diseases in the U.S.

What should patients know about travel?

Check our up-to-date assistance and advice on traveling safely to our campuses during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mayo Clinic recommends that travelers follow Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommendations.

Is it safe to stay at Mayo Clinic area hotels?

Mayo Clinic has worked with area hospitality businesses to establish rigorous safety protocols since the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Learn more about booking safe lodging near Mayo Campuses and Mayo Clinic Patient Travel Services. Use our safe lodging checklist to help assess the safety of a hotel should you need to make reservations when travel services are unavailable after hours.

Is it safe to fly to Mayo Clinic now?

Depending on your trip details, air travel can present the least number of possible virus exposures while traveling to a Mayo Clinic location.

Learn more about safe travel options to Mayo campuses.

Mayo Clinic Patient Travel Services can assist you with advice as well as air and lodging reservations if you are coming to a Mayo campus.

Is the Mayo Clinic shuttle service running?

Both the Arizona campus shuttles and the Rochester campus shuttles are running as always. Shuttles reflect Mayo safety protocols (masking required, social distancing for safety).

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