Dimitar K. Gavrilov, M.D., Ph.D.

  1. Internist
  2. Medical Geneticist


  1. Rochester, Minnesota


  • Inborn errors of metabolism, genotype-pheotype correlations, early diagnosis, clinical presentation, treatment
  1. 2005
    Fellow - Cytogenetics and Metabolic GeneticsMayo Clinic in Rochester
  2. 2005
    Fellow - Medical and Biochemical GeneticsUniversity of Missouri, Columbia
  3. 2003
    ResidentDepartment of Internal Medicine, University of Missouri, Columbia
  4. 2000
    Fellow - Biochemical Genetics, Clinical and biochemical aspects of inherited metabolic disease. To study the role of the enzymes involved in the methylation in autismDivision of Genetics, Department of Child Health, University of Missouri, Columbia
  5. 2000
    Post Doctoral Fellowship - Main topic of the research activity is the investigation of the regulation of the urokinase plasminogen activator and other proteases involved in the metastasis of prostate cancerDepartment of Biochemistry, University of Missouri, Columbia
  6. 1995
    Visiting ScholarDepartment of Biochemistry, University of Missouri, Columbia
  7. 1993
    PhD - Molecular Biology, Research Project: Distribution of HLA-DQA1 and HLA-DQB1 gene Alleles in Group of IDDM Patients and Healthy Controls from the Russian Population of MoscowDepartment of Molecular Diagnostics and Genomic Fingerprinting, Institute of Genetics and Selection of Industrial Microorganisms
  8. 1988
    MDFaculty of Medicine, Medical Academy

Awards and honors

  1. 1992
    Travel AwardEuropean Society of Human Genetics
  2. 1991
    Travel AwardEuropean Society of Human Genetics

Professional memberships

  1. 2012 - present
    MemberAmerican Medical Association
  2. 2008 - present
    MemberSociety for the Study of Inborn Errors of Metabolism
  3. 2007 - present
    MemberDepartment of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology
  4. 2007 - present
    MemberDivision of Laboratory Genetics and Genomics, Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology
  5. 2006 - present
    MemberEuropean Society of Human Genetics
  6. 2004 - present
    MemberAmerican Society of Human Genetics
  7. 2004 - present
    MemberSociety for Inherited Metabolic Disorders