Mayo Clinic Heritage Hall

Volunteer describes a display in Heritage Hall to a visitor.

Mayo Clinic Heritage Hall is a 3,000-square-foot museum with photos, graphics, films and artifacts showcasing Mayo Clinic's history, current activities and plans for the future. Volunteers greet visitors and answer questions.


  • Must be knowledgeable about the Mayo family and memorabilia in the museum and willing to stay updated on new materials
  • Be friendly, hospitable and professional
  • Be willing to start conversations with visitors
  • Be knowledgeable about the Mayo campus, convey directions in a clear, concise manner and know where to find information in response to patient inquiries
  • Dependability is essential for the museum to be staffed at all times during business hours

Physical requirements

  • Be able to stand and walk around the area to respond to questions about the displays

Volunteer groups

  • Mayo Clinic Volunteer Services
  • Mayo Clinic Young Volunteers