Community Organizations

Mayo Clinic supports many diversity-related organizations at each of our locations:


  • Intercultural Mutual Assistance Association. Provides culturally and linguistically appropriate support services that foster the well-being and independence of foreign-born residents.
  • NAACP of Rochester, Minn. Ensures the political, educational, social and economic equality of rights of all people and works to eliminate racial hatred and racial discrimination.
  • Rochester Area Chamber of Commerce Diversity in Business Initiative. Implements the Workforce 2020 community initiative to meet present and future education and diverse work force needs.
  • Rochester International Association. Celebrates cultural diversity and provides opportunities for multicultural education and exchange.
  • Diversity Council. Promotes diversity as the foundation to build a healthy, inclusive and prosperous community.


  • A New Leaf. Helps families and changes lives in response to community needs such as domestic violence, homelessness and at-risk youth.
  • Arizona Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. Serves as the primary advocate for Latino-owned businesses statewide.
  • UNITY Pledge. Coordinates a concerted effort by Arizona businesses and individuals to advance workplace equality and equal treatment in housing and hospitality for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) individuals and their allies.
  • Greater Phoenix Black Chamber of Commerce. Facilitates the economic empowerment of the Greater Phoenix black community and chamber members through the promotion of entrepreneurship on a variety of levels.
  • Diversity Leadership Alliance. Provides diversity and inclusion education, resources, tools and forums to the Phoenix area.
  • Equality Arizona Advocacy Fund. Builds bridges throughout Arizona, providing communities with resources, education and tools to create change.
  • Grand Canyon Minority Supplier Development Council. Provides opportunities for minority-owned businesses, corporations and government entities through certification and development to connect and form mutually beneficial business relationships.
  • National Association of Hispanic Nurses Valle del Sol Chapter. Committed to the recruitment and retention of Hispanics into the nursing profession.


  • Community Research Advisory Board. The Community Research Advisory Board (CRAB) was developed under the leadership of Floyd B. Willis, M.D., at Mayo Clinic in Florida. The board reviews research protocols and provides feedback to investigators about their proposed study design based on diverse perspectives and advises on strategies for recruitment of diverse populations to research protocols. Community members represent multicultural backgrounds and various professions. CRAB assisted in the development, planning and execution of a conference that identified and addressed health disparities in the Jacksonville area.
  • Jacksonville Community Council Inc. This citizen think tank explores issues of community importance, identifies problems, discovers solutions and advocates for positive change.
  • OneJax. An interfaith organization that promotes respect and understanding among people of different religions, races, cultures and beliefs.
  • Ritz Theatre and Museum. Celebrates the rich legacy of the African-American community that thrived in La Villa for more than 100 years.
  • United Negro College Fund. Builds a robust and nationally recognized pipeline of underrepresented students who, because of United Negro College Fund (UNCF) support, become highly qualified college graduates and works to ensure that the UNCF network of member institutions is a respected model of best practice in moving students to and through college.
  • Women of Color Cultural Foundation. Organization of assistance toward egalitarianism for people of color fosters social equality in health, education and economic development by bringing communities together to serve the common good.