Carbohydrate-loading diet

A carbohydrate-loading diet can give you an extra edge during an endurance event. Here's how it works.

Cholesterol medications: When diet and exercise aren't enough

Core exercises

Daily water requirement

Ease rheumatoid arthritis symptoms in the morning

Exercise and activity tips if you have multiple sclerosis

Exercise for weight loss

Exercising with arthritis

Arthritis shouldn't keep you from exercising. Regular exercise increases your strength and flexibility, reduces pain and fights fatigue.

Fitness ball exercises videos

Fitness balls may look like toys — but they can play an important role in nearly any fitness routine. See how fitness ball exercises are done.

How fit are you?

Do you know how fit you are? Find out today. All you need is a few simple tools, such as a stopwatch and a yardstick.

Office exercise

Are you too sedentary? See how to sneak more activity into your day.

Staying active with Crohn's disease

Engaging in physical activity when you have Crohn's disease can make your body stronger and healthier and may reduce some Crohn's disease symptoms.

Strength training for kids

Strength training: How-to video collection

Stress relief

April 03, 2014