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Making connections to save lives

Mayo Clinic was founded on connections. It was the world's first multispecialty group practice, which connected many medical disciplines to focus on the needs of a single patient. It was the first to centralize patient medical records, which allowed caregivers to coordinate care quickly and efficiently.

Thanks to generous benefactors, that same pioneering tradition drives our care today. These stories show how benefactor passion is keeping Mayo Clinic on the cutting edge.

  • Our symbiotic selves

    Our bodies live in symbiosis with microscopic communities that might be able to cure serious intestinal infections.

  • Making surgery safer

    Mayo Clinic helps develop new protocols that cut surgical-site infections in half, which lowers costs and saves lives.

  • A new hope

    Choline C-11 Injection — an imaging agent available first at Mayo Clinic — detects recurrent prostate cancer earlier.

  • The race is on

    To find a cure for diabetes, Mayo Clinic is developing cutting-edge regenerative medicine technology.

  • The biotrust

    The Regenerative Medicine Biotrust puts Mayo Clinic at the cutting edge of quickly translating new technologies to clinical care.

  • 18 months later

    An individualized medicine test developed by Mayo Clinic gives a mother her son back.

  • Finding the right drug

    It's a question that has troubled physicians since the invention of medicine: Why does a drug work for one patient but not for another?

  • Gaining control

    A Mayo Clinic team is exploring how deep brain stimulation may help people with neurological-based movement disorders.

  • Dedicated to the primary value

    For Mayo Clinic's Board of Trustees, three words have been passed from one member to another, across the decades: "Call Dale Rustad."