Other primary care options

Primary care is the cornerstone of preventive care and is key to maintaining overall health and well-being. Through regular screenings, potential risks can be identified early. Early detection often can prevent the development of more severe illnesses. Primary care clinicians also help ensure that people receive vaccinations and immunizations to protect them against community-acquired diseases.

Mayo Clinic's primary care practices have limited capacity. They are not accepting new patients and do not maintain waitlists. To assist people seeking primary care, Mayo Clinic recently assessed several primary care providers in the community. We narrowed the wide range of options down to four based on the quality of care, patient experience and ease of access. The options below offer people the flexibility to find a primary care relationship that is convenient to them and suits their personal needs. These providers are not affiliated with Mayo Clinic.

  • K Health
  • Phone: 888-564-5250 (toll-free)
May 14, 2024