Gonda 血管中心 概述

为何选择妙佑医疗国际的 Gonda 血管中心


位于妙佑医疗国际明尼苏达州院区的 Gonda 血管中心致力于为血管疾病患者提供先进的诊断和治疗。




Gonda 血管中心可提供高协调度护理,患者首先需接受血管专科医师的体检。根据您的情况,您的护理团队可能还包括诊断和介入放射学,及血管和血管内手术方面的专家。您在诊断和治疗过程可能需前往无创血管成像实验室、生理学实验室和血管内治疗或血管外科,均将在同一个院区。

Gonda 血管中心位于 Gonda 大楼内,物理空间优越,配备先进技术和富有同情心的专家,提高了中心所提供护理的有效性。



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Numerous problems can result from these diseases — ranging from leg pain during physical activity (claudication) to deterioration of skin leading to ulcers and gangrene. If a condition is severe, it may require open vascular surgery or endovascular interventions.

An aortic aneurysm can be repaired with stent-grafts or open surgery. Acute leg swelling due to blood clots may need treatment with drugs or interventions. Varicose veins or leg ulcers due to vein problems may need intensive medical treatment, surgery or other interventions. Long-lasting or chronic thrombosis or compression of the main vein in the abdomen or pelvis (the inferior vena cava and iliac veins) can cause leg swelling, skin changes and even ulcers. This can be treated with stent placement.

Your visit to the Gonda Vascular Center offers a high degree of coordinated care, beginning with an examination by a vascular medicine specialist. Your care team may also include experts in diagnostic and interventional radiology and vascular and endovascular surgery depending on your situation. Your diagnostic and treatment journey may include visits to the noninvasive vascular imaging lab, the physiology lab, and endovascular therapy or vascular surgical services, which are all available in one location.

The Gonda Vascular Center is located in the Gonda Building, a superb physical space that , when paired with compassionate experts who have access to advanced technology, strengthens the center's effectiveness in providing exactly the care you need.

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Jan. 11, 2022