Mayo Clinic's approach

Multidisciplinary team

Mayo Clinic cardiac surgeons work together as a multidisciplinary team with cardiologists and other health care professionals to provide coordinated, comprehensive care for people with all types of heart valve disease.

Doctors collaborate to determine if heart valve surgery or another treatment is most appropriate for your condition. Your doctor and treatment team provide care for you as a whole person.

Advanced technology and treatment options

Mayo Clinic cardiac surgeons perform many types of heart valve surgery, including aortic valve repair and replacement, mitral valve repair and replacement, tricuspid valve repair and replacement, and pulmonary valve repair and replacement.

Mayo Clinic offers advanced treatment options, including minimally invasive heart surgery, for people who are candidates. Minimally invasive heart surgery involves the use of smaller incisions than open-heart surgery. You may have less pain and a shorter recovery period after minimally invasive heart surgery.

Doctors may sometimes perform robot-assisted heart surgery, a type of minimally invasive heart surgery in which doctors conduct the procedure using robotic arms. In robot-assisted heart surgery, a surgeon sits at a remote console, viewing the heart in a magnified 3-D view on a video monitor and using robotic arms to conduct the procedure. A second surgeon and a surgical team assist at the operating table.

Mayo doctors also conduct minimally invasive procedures using long, thin tubes (catheters) to repair or replace some heart valves. Doctors may repair a valve using catheters and clips, plugs or other devices.

To replace a narrowed aortic valve, doctors may conduct a catheter procedure called transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR). In TAVR, doctors insert a catheter in your leg or chest and guide it to your heart. A replacement valve is then inserted through the catheter and guided to your heart. A balloon may expand the valve, or some valves can self-expand. When the valve is implanted, doctors remove the catheter from your blood vessel.

Research and innovation

Mayo doctors have been pioneers in many types of heart valve surgery, such as mitral valve repair, aortic valve repair and tricuspid valve repair, for many years.

Mayo doctors have continued this tradition of research and innovation in heart valve disease. Doctors have researched innovative types of heart valve repair and replacement. Researchers study new procedures to repair or replace heart valves using catheter procedures, minimally invasive heart surgery and other surgical techniques.