Experiencias en Mayo Clinic y nuestros pacientes cuentan su historia

Los cirujanos ortopédicos de Mayo Clinic y los profesionales de salud aliados brindan una atención especializada centrada en el paciente. Obtén más información sobre la forma en que Mayo Clinic puede brindarte exactamente la atención que necesitas.

Nuestros pacientes nos dicen que la calidad de sus interacciones, nuestra atención a los detalles y la eficiencia de sus visitas significa experimentar la atención médica como nunca lo habían hecho. Conoce las historias de los pacientes satisfechos de Mayo Clinic.

  1. tom-brown-16x9-1.jpg

    Orthopedic expertise powers Tom Brown's epic trek

    When people retire, they often plan to spend more time with their grandkids, or on activities like volunteering, gardening, traveling and hobbies. Christine Brown came up with something far more epic. After thinking about what she and her husband, Tom, enjoyed doing together, she proposed that they spend the next five years hiking the 2,190 miles of the Appalachian Trail (AT). Stretching from Springer Mountain, Georgia, to Katahdin, Maine, it's the longest hiking-only trail in…

  2. JenBuddNY2021-16x9-1.jpg

    After knee replacement, Jennifer Budd conquers four marathons ... and counting 

    Jennifer Budd's biggest accomplishment is also her biggest heartbreak. Jen, an MRI scanning technician at Mayo Clinic in Florida, started running in 2009 to get into shape and to reduce stress. Soon, running progressed into a passion, not just for her but also for her family. By 2013, she had completed eight half-marathons. But she'd also had two knee surgeries — an ACL surgery and a meniscus repair. The surgeries didn't slow her down —…

  3. Wayne-Clark-1-16x9-1-1024x577.jpg

    Colorado ultramarathoner delivers on a promise to his orthopedic surgeon - and more

    Photo courtesy of: Petar Dopchev Visuals  Wayne Clark grew up on a horse farm in New Paltz, New York. In seventh grade, he started cross-country running and Nordic skiing. Sports defined his life. He was good at them and loved being active. Then came the pain in both hips – something that would shift his plans for his life. The pain got worse over time, especially during the running season. He saw several doctors. He…

  4. Cruise216x9-1024x576.jpg

    Mississippi man finds relief at Mayo Clinic for excruciating back pain

    Edward Markle was desperate. Despite receiving nerve blocks from his doctors, Edward says the pain from two herniated discs had become excruciating and unrelenting. He could not sit or walk without pain. He slept on the floor, two hours a night. He was increasingly worried about the future. "It shut my quality of life down to almost zero," he says. "I couldn't move. I could not get out. I could not find a way to…

  5. betty-tauscherFeatured.jpg

    Digging into garden after robotic total knee replacement

    Forty-two years as a radiology technologist for Mayo Clinic Health System in La Crosse — with countless hours on her feet and often wearing a 15-pound protective lead apron — took its toll on Betty Hayden-Tauscher's knees. So in 2014, she had a total knee replacement on the left. This knee replacement was performed with traditional techniques. All went well with her left knee recovery, although the arthritis in her right knee grew worse despite…

  6. steve-knutson_Featured.jpg

    New lease on life starts with bilateral hip replacement

    What do you do after surviving an extraordinary health crisis? Steve Knutson celebrated his new lease on life with a bilateral hip replacement at Mayo Clinic Health System in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Steve's medical journey started on a typical workday in early March 2020. He and seven other colleagues came down with flu-like symptoms and felt ill enough that they headed home. Halfway to his home in Andover, Minnesota, Steve began sweating profusely, and his vision…

Oct. 31, 2023