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      1. livia-mayberry.jpg

        Unforeseen danger of a child's fall: Livia's remarkable recovery

        Livia Mayberry and her sister were playing basketball with their dad at a neighbor's house in August 2022 when then-4-year-old Livia took a hard fall and hit her head on the pavement. Her family wasn't too concerned because she seemed OK. She was talking, didn't lose consciousness and didn't have a bump. However, a short time later, she threw up. Quick medical attention Her parents decided to get her checked at the Emergency Department at Mayo…

      2. Wirrell-invite-and-letter16x9.jpg

        A graduation party reunion 15 years in the making

        When Cadence Rohrbaugh sent out invitations to her high school graduation party earlier this year, she tucked personal notes into a few special envelopes. "Dear Dr. Wirrell," Cadence wrote in one. "Thank you so much for helping me and my family through one of the most difficult times ever. Without your care, I would not be alive, healthy and graduating with honors." Fifteen years earlier, Elaine Wirrell, M.D., had been part of a team that cared…

      3. izzy-iversonvacation16x9.jpg

        Unexpected vacation ending leads to rare tumor discovery

        Kelly and Jered Iverson of Grand Meadow, Minnesota, had planned a perfect Hawaiian vacation for themselves and their daughters, Isabelle (Izzy) and Emmy. In March, they enjoyed seven days on Maui, where they went whale watching, attended a luau, toured the Road to Hana and spent hours on the beach. "Izzy is a great traveler," says Jered of his 11-year-old daughter, who was born with a developmental delay. "She likes to see all the sights…

      4. burkard-family_16x9.jpg

        A newborn's twist leads to emergency surgery

        Caring for a newborn is full of twists and turns. Feelings of joy and contentment one moment can turn to fear and worry the next. That's how Nicole and Corbin Burkard of Eau Claire, Wisconsin, felt after their third daughter, Ellie, was born in February. "She was just perfect and looked like her older sister," says Nicole. "She just fit right in." The new family of five was settling into a routine at home when Nicole…

      5. ENT_PatientStory_Mackfeatured.jpg

        Mold reshapes baby Adelyn's 'different' ear

        Parents usually gush over a newborn's cute little fingers, toes, nose and ears as they get to know their baby. Lindsey and Michael were no exception when they welcomed their daughter, Adelyn, in March. The couple, along with big sister, McKenzie, were thrilled with her arrival and admired her personality and features. "She is a very laid back, sweet baby, and she looks like mom," says Lindsey proudly. While in the hospital, the St. Michael,…

      6. PS_Hussein_19Featured.jpg

        A new path forward

        From the beginning of Hussein’s life, a shroud of worry surrounded him. Something was wrong. The infant couldn’t keep down anything he ate. When he was 6 weeks old, his mother, Manal, noticed blood in his stool. He lost precious weight and was hospitalized due to failure to thrive. Hussein’s first few months were defined by medical tests, painful procedures, and uncertainty. “YOU NAME IT, THEY TESTED HIM FOR IT,” HUSSEIN’S FATHER, ALI, SAYS. “THEY…

      7. HeidtFrankieWParentsfeatured.jpg

        A new heart, new hope for a newborn

        Travis Heidt was holding his son, Franklin, for the first time. "It was a very joyous time and also an overwhelming time," says the first-time parent. He was unsure of how to hold Franklin, unsure of how to care for him. But Travis knew that he and his wife, Morgan, would figure it out. They had a beautiful boy. He and Morgan had created a family. "The second that he came out, something changed inside…

      8. RippySydneyFeatured_edited.jpg

        Celebrating 10-years with a new heart - just like her big sister

        Linsey Rippy was 16 weeks pregnant with her second child when she learned her daughter, Madi, had dilated cardiomyopathy. She was just two-and-a-half years old. “Our hospital in the Twin Cities ran every genetic test on Madi, but nothing came up,” Linsey said. “She’d had a virus a few weeks before, so they figured that’s what caused her to develop the condition.” Doctors also figured that meant there was little risk of the baby Linsey…


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