Experiencias en Mayo Clinic e historias de nuestros pacientes

Nuestros pacientes nos dicen que la calidad de sus interacciones, nuestra atención a los detalles y la eficiencia de sus visitas significa experimentar la atención médica como nunca lo habían hecho. Conoce las historias de los pacientes satisfechos de Mayo Clinic.

  1. Care Coordination Puts Jim on the Path to Recovery

    After Jim Hauck sustained serious injuries from a car accident in Nevada, Mayo Post Acute Care helped him return home, where he continues to recover and heal. Jim Hauck wasn't sure where he was when he woke up in a hospital in February 2019. The 52-year-old Eau Claire, Wisconsin, resident had been in a serious [...]

  2. The Power of an Upbeat Attitude Shines Through in Physical Therapy

    How a person feels mentally and emotionally can make a big difference in the course of physical therapy. For Carl Hohman, the bond he's formed with his rehabilitation team helps keep his spirits high. Multiple sclerosis, or?MS, is an incurable disease of the brain and spinal cord that can cause permanent damage to the nerves. [...]

  3. Personalized Physical Therapy Helps Artist Reclaim Her Career

    Lori Earley feared that worsening symptoms of Ehlers-Danlos syndrome would put an end to the successful art career she'd worked so hard to build. After she sought help at Mayo Clinic, however, a dedicated care team helped Lori arrive at a different outcome. After graduating at the top of her class at the School of [...]

  4. Back on Her Feet and Pain-Free

    Doris Jessesski tried a host of treatments to ease her chronic back pain, but nothing worked. Then a Mayo Clinic Pain Medicine specialist recommended a new type of spinal cord stimulator. That did the trick. Today, Doris' debilitating back pain is gone. When Doris Jessesski had spine surgery in 2004 at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, [...]

  5. After Back Surgery, Jamie Ruden's on the Court Again and Looking to Help Others

    When Division 1 women's college basketball player Jamie Ruden could no longer play through, or live with, the chronic back pain that was keeping her from playing her usual style of basketball, she came to Mayo Clinic for the surgical fix she knew she needed. Jamie Ruden knew right away something was wrong. It was [...]

Feb. 05, 2021