Experiencias en Mayo Clinic y nuestros pacientes cuentan su historia

    Los cirujanos ortopédicos de Mayo Clinic y los profesionales de salud aliados brindan una atención especializada centrada en el paciente. Obtén más información sobre la forma en que Mayo Clinic puede brindarte exactamente la atención que necesitas.

    Nuestros pacientes nos dicen que la calidad de sus interacciones, nuestra atención a los detalles y la eficiencia de sus visitas significa experimentar la atención médica como nunca lo habían hecho. Conoce las historias de los pacientes satisfechos de Mayo Clinic.

    1. Back in the Game After Shoulder Surgery

      When Mike Gyarmaty dislocated his right shoulder, he hoped corrective surgery at Mayo Clinic would return him to his normal way of life. But that surgery, along with the intense rehabilitation that followed, helped Mike go far beyond those hopes. As Mike Gyarmaty raced toward home plate during a corporate softball tournament in Austin, Minnesota, [...]

    2. Spinal Fusion Surgery Revives an Active Lifestyle

      After a sudden injury left her with multiple ruptured disks in her lower back, Pat Henneberry knew Mayo Clinic was the place she wanted to go to help her get back on her feet. Returning to her home in Austin, Texas, one day in spring 2018, Pat Henneberry stepped inside and without warning fell to [...]

    3. Scoliosis Surgery Preserves Teen's Mobility, Boosts Self-Esteem

      As an active teenager, Mason Orth struggled with the back brace she had to wear to correct her scoliosis. And she was hesitant to move forward with the other treatment option presented to her, spinal fusion. But a consult at Mayo Clinic revealed another option -- one that has yielded dramatic results. To 17-year-old Mason [...]

    4. Goodbye to Pain After Long-Delayed Hip Surgery

      The thought of hip replacement surgery made Blake Robinson extremely anxious, and for years, he put off the procedure. But when the pain became too much to bear, his medical team helped Blake overcome his fear. Now with the surgery behind him, and his hip pain gone, he's grateful for the high-quality care he received. [...]

    5. Sports Medicine Propels Ray Yeary to New Heights

      When it comes to outdoor pursuits, Ray Yeary is more than a weekend warrior. A lifelong backpacker and adventure sports enthusiast, Ray has been able to take on increasingly more strenuous activities thanks to the comprehensive care he's received at Mayo's Sports Medicine Clinic. Hiking and being outdoors are passions for Ray Yeary. He loves [...]

    6. Shoulder Injury Can't Sideline Young Coach

      When Nicholas Oeltjen, a physical education teacher and coach, suffered a complex shoulder injury, his Mayo care team crafted a treatment plan that got him back on the field. Nicholas Oeltjen is no stranger to shoulder pain. The 24-year-old endured one shoulder injury and a subsequent surgery several years ago. So when he heard a [...]

    7. Weight Loss Sets the Stage for Successful Surgery

      With hard work and determination, Ann Statz lost more than 100 pound in preparation for knee surgery. Now she's feeling much better and reaping the rewards of renewed health. For more than a decade, Ann Statz endured knee pain that limited her mobility and restricted her activity. The 59-year-old Eau Claire, Wisconsin, resident avoided stairs [...]

    8. Joyriding Once More

      When chronic hip pain drove Brenda Brault to seek medical care, the long-distance runner and triathlete assumed her high-level athletic pursuits were over. Rather than limiting her abilities, however, surgery allowed Brenda's training to keep moving forward. For more than 30 years, Brenda Brault lived with pain. Beginning in high school, when discomfort from a [...]

    9. Expert Surgery Puts Hiker Back on Top

      When hip dysplasia triggered painful symptoms, Sandra Cook feared her hiking days were over. But an intricate orthopedic surgery at Mayo Clinic took away the pain, and now Sandra has happily returned to the trails. When Sandra Cook stood atop the granite monolith Half Dome in Yosemite National Park, not only could she see the [...]

    10. Handily Moving Forward After Devastating Injury

      When Kennedy Folkedahl's hand was cut off during a construction accident, the young man thought life as he knew it was over. But thanks to the support of his Mayo Clinic care team and years of physical therapy, Kennedy is embracing an alternate future with enthusiasm and appreciation. When Kennedy Folkedahl completely severed his left [...]

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    Nov. 05, 2019