Experiencias en Mayo Clinic e historias de nuestros pacientes

  1. Autoimmune Disease No Handicap to Golfing Greatness

    Billy Dowell Jr. was working toward a goal of playing professional golf when his body betrayed him. He was beset by several autoimmune disorders that left him overwhelmed. With consistent, comprehensive support from his Mayo Clinic Care team, however, not only has Billy gotten his conditions under control, he's successfully returned to golfing. It's a [...]

  2. Second Opinion Leads to Less-Invasive Treatment for Esophageal Cancer

    Sue and Mike DiGennaro When Mike DiGennaro was diagnosed with stage 1 esophageal cancer, he wanted a minimally invasive treatment option. He found that, and more, at Mayo Clinic. Mike DiGennaro knew he needed surgery. But he thought he would have a procedure to correct an umbilical hernia, and that would be the end of [...]

  3. Careful Evaluation, Compassionate Care Solve Distressing Digestive Problems

    Severe digestive issues had disrupted Lynda Rassbach's daily life and forced her to miss out on meaningful events with her family. After a series of confusing diagnoses, she turned to Mayo Clinic, where she received answers and treatment that restored her freedom. Lynda Rassbach's daughter was trying on wedding dresses for a group of friends [...]

  4. Comprehensive Care Makes for a Brighter Future

    When Stephanie Van Doren came to Mayo Clinic, she never expected to learn she had a genetic defect that raised her risk for a potentially fatal heart condition. But thanks to her physician's all-inclusive approach, Stephanie and her family now have information they need to live life to the fullest. Abdominal issues and difficulty swallowing [...]

  5. Rabbi Returns to His Life's Mission After Bile Duct Treatment

    When debilitating itching and fatigue prevented him from working, Rabbi Melvin Gruber turned to Mayo Clinic, where a series of specialized procedures allowed him to get back to teaching and sharing his knowledge with his community. Rabbi Melvin Gruber has dedicated his life to studying and teaching the Talmud, a written compilation of Jewish oral [...]

  6. Subduing Pancreatic Cancer Involves International Odyssey

    When she was 38, Radhika Sattanathan received a frightening diagnosis of pancreatic cancer. Taking the advice of her physician in India, Radhika sought care halfway around the globe at Mayo Clinic. Today, she's cancer-free. Radhika Sattanathan was a young mother and wife living in Mumbai, India, when abdominal symptoms first struck her seven years ago. [...]

  7. Feasting Fear-Free

    For Knox Rhinehart, who had been plagued by chronic vomiting for years, eating was a torment to be avoided ? until he met a Mayo Clinic specialist who understood that treating Knox meant treating his fear. When 11-year-old George "Knox" Rhinehart arrived at Mayo Clinic last year, his diet consisted of seven foods: purple grapes, [...]

  8. Rising Up to Overcome an Eating Disorder

    For more than 10 years, Victoria Magnus struggled to control an eating disorder. A 2017 visit to Mayo Clinic set her on a new path. By sharing her story, Victoria hopes to help others while increasing awareness about eating disorders and the lasting consequences they can have. Written by Victoria Magnus This is my journey [...]

  9. Facing Death and Fighting Back

    When doctors said there was nothing they could do for his end-stage liver disease, Danny Willis refused to give up. He obtained a lifesaving transplant at Mayo Clinic. And even a near-fatal setback after that couldn't stop him from reclaiming his health. Danny Willis isn't a big fan of superheroes, yet the former Mayo Clinic [...]

  10. Hospital Frequent Flyer Offers Insight to Others

    After years of medical care and multiple hospitalizations, William Bilicic decided to use his experience as a patient to offer valuable advice to other people navigating hospital stays. William Bilicic knows hospital life ? doctors' orders, family visits, the food, the routines. He's seen it all. At 20 years old, William has spent much more [...]

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June 25, 2019
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