Hearing Aids at Mayo Clinic in Rochester

By Mayo Clinic Staff

Hearing aids are available for sale, as part of the comprehensive service provided by the Division of Audiology at Mayo Clinic in Rochester. All testing, consultation and fitting for hearing aids is done by audiologists who have access to the most current hearing aid technology.

Hearing Aid Evaluation

First, hearing aid patients in Rochester are scheduled to see an audiologist for a complete examination of their ears and hearing. If there is any indication for medical treatment, the patient is referred to their primary care provider or to an otolaryngologist, a physician specializing in diseases of the ear. If the results of audiology testing suggest that hearing aids are appropriate, the audiologist will discuss with the patient their specific needs. Based on the nature and severity of the hearing loss, and the individual needs and expectations of the patient, the audiologist will make a recommendation for the appropriate hearing aids.

Hearing Aid Fitting

All hearing aids in Rochester are fit for a 30-day adjustment period. Patients are expected to return to their audiologist for follow-up visits during the adjustment period for consultation and adjustment as needed. If, after the 30-day adjustment period, the patient cannot adapt to hearing aid use, they may return their hearing aids for credit. Testing and fitting fees for the adjustment period are non-refundable.

The "Best" Hearing Aid

Mayo Clinic Rochester audiologists select hearing aids from several different manufacturers. Because there is not one "best" hearing aid for everyone, Mayo audiologists work individually with each patient to find a hearing aid that best serves their unique needs. Research is ongoing to make sure the most recent developments in the industry are available.

The Division of Audiology staff has experience fitting all types of devices, from the tiny, completely-in-the-canal devices, to the more traditional behind-the-ear style. Basic hearing aids are available, as well as the most sophisticated digital aids on the market with features like remote controls, multiple programs and directional microphones.

Hearing aid services for out-of-town patients

For more information concerning appointments for hearing aids or other questions, call 800-247-1807.